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Israel is a country full of surprises and is diverse on so many levels. Here are 68 surprising facts.


when you hear the word Israel what goes through your mind probably this in all

this definitely this so here are 68 fact you probably didn't know about israel israel as a young country now young just 68 years old in nation years that's like three years old and there baby Israel population is just one point six percent of the entire population in the Middle East and take some only one-tenth of one percent of the region's area which means it's time basically from across the entire country in less than four hours from snow covered mountain woman to the sizzling beaches of a lat Israel is third in the world in the consumption of sweets and vegetables Israel was the first country in the world to ban commercial starring underweight models Israel has the highest number of academics per capita in the world and the highest proportion of startups and of museums as well tel Aviv is home to 80,000 dogs would enjoy more than 60 dog parks and the biggest dog symmetry dating back to ancient times was discovered in Israel in Ashkelon speaking of ancient places Jerusalem one of the oldest cities in the world is also the smartest one as it was the first in the world to be completely covered by Wi-Fi which will need to find one of the best hospitals in the world Abraham Hospital in Jerusalem another ancient city is bearish ever 4,000 years old nowadays it has the most just masters per capita in the world with all due respect to test the most popular beach sport in Israel and probably it's national sport is matt scott has no score just the front of ruining the quiet of the seashore books Israel is number two in the world in book publishing people of the book remember wait who's number one at least we're in first place when it comes to translating literary masterpieces from foreign languages the u.s. glue stick is an Israeli invention which saves us lots of storage space is rated among the time leading countries in life expectancy folks here live on average to the ripe old age of 83 Israel has 270 three kilometers of beaches in the Mediterranean Sea the Red Sea the dead sea and the sea of galilee lowest Sweetwater Lake in the world according to the New Testament Jesus walked on the water here this rescue board is called a hassock air it was invented here in the nineteen thirties by a Jewish lifeguard if you have a problem staying above water the Dead Sea is the place for you the salt concentration there is so high anyone can stay afloat Israel is one of only eight countries that have sent a satellite into space the busiest bird migrations in the world goes through Israel a billion birds pass through here every year according to travelers digest elevators in the top 10 for cities with the world's most beautiful women and yes also among the top ten when it comes two good-looking men but women in Israel has much more to offer than just a pretty face israeli women also have more academic degrees than the men do so if you are the next Mary carry this is the place for you not for nothing is Israel known as the startup nation there are more than 3,000 . tech companies and startups in Israel that's the highest concentration in the world outside of Silicon Valley so one was invented here the technology that allows us to chat in walks at messenger and everything else unions to spend your time on the world's first antivirus software just a controlled and three computers technology to prevent traffic accidents taxi service up remember when you have to wave your hand for a taxi a social network that allows you to steer clear of traffic jams are really small pill that can photograph your body from the inside that's it get out solar energy water irrigation system that conserves water english their removal well owners painless and jellyfish sting gel is a keyboard the technology that enabled unmanned flight cherry tomatoes & rummy cup the popular board game Oh krembo children coated marshmallow treat it may originally have been a Danish confection but in the winter is raised eight more than 50 million creme bows amba appeared flavored snack created in Israel on top of being popular and delicious research has shown that helps children build immunity to peanut allergy and to continue with the yummy stuff even though it is the birthplace of ice cream consumption and Israelis 10 litres a year respect and brain freeze ice cream is all about the quality of the milk Israeli causal world champions and milk production since she's a champion she's got an attitude tel Aviv is known as one of the vegan capitals of the world or how about some sushi tell me was only second to Tokyo in sushi bars per square meter wine as we made ever more than 3,000 years and even then the local wine industry didn't win as many international awards as it does today and speaking of prestigious awards none is more prestigious than the Nobel right nine Israelis have won the nobel prize in sciences and last one was professor Dan Chapman for the discovery of the quasi periodic crystal see if you can say five times really fast quasi periodic crystal Israel also grows flowers lots of flowers for last Valentine's Day Israel ship more than 60 million flowers to Europe Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East Israel is not a monarchy but does have a queen her name is Donna international and she's the first cleanse gender to win the Eurovision contest time out magazine is crowned television as gay capital of the Middle East and speaking of divas lady gaga's shoe designer is ready they are indeed beautiful but very difficult to walk in especially if you're in flavor and need to climb its green hills but that the shortest reign on in the world was constructed to take you on to the top of Mount Carmel and what were in HYFR did you know that it is the most multi-ethnic city in Israel it has Jews Christians Muslims both students and shears drusen behind did you know that Israel is the only place in the world where the number of trees increases year by year even with all these forests sixty percent of Israel is desert which didn't prevent us from turning the barren desert into productive farmland as it doesn't have much water so Israel was forced to lead the world in desalination technologies Israeli scientists develop treatments for multiple sclerosis Parkinson's outsiders and most important discovered the cause of halitosis as he has bad breath Israelis doors are not too shiny when it comes to sports mikhamet of the european championships six time in judo and windsurfing Israel is and then pick powerhouse and if you're still not impressed what would you say to the fact that the emmy-winning series homeland was written in Israel or the more than a million notes are stuffed into the western wall every year where does gon find the time to leave the mall and and he were a situation language that if a modern-day Israeli would meet his ancestor from two thousand years ago they would be able to carry on a conversation huh one more left well alright have you heard of the global happiness index neither had I until now but apparently Israelis are in the 11th spot out of 196 countries and if that doesn't satisfy you maybe you should find someone to talk to about it.


68 Facts You Probably Didn't Know about Israel