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For a country that has been in existence for fewer than seventy years, Israel has developed more innovations than other countries have in centuries. The PillCam, the USB flash drive, and Waze were all created in Israel. As were the Epilady, modern drip irrigation, and cherry tomatoes. Take a look at Israel's latest contributions to modern life. 


Israel is home to three of the world's major religions. In addition to those people who live side by side, a strong LGBTQ community thrives throughout Israel. Adoption has been legal for same sex couples for over a decade and openly gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers serve proudly in their military. See how Israel is promoting equality for all.
Thousands of years of cultural influences can be felt in Israel's food, music, theater, and fashion. Visitors can enjoy cuisine that has remained unchanged for eons while listening to the latest Israeli rape, rock, or reggae. Yes, reggae! The hottest trends don't always start in London, Paris, and New York. Watch what's happening in Israel now.